I love talking, oh gosh do I love talking! Anyone who knows me will tell you that that is the biggest part of my personality. One of the things I always find so funny is that those who don’t know me will usually say that before they even see me they HEAR me.
Being able to present on the radio has been one of my first loves of this communication industry and throughout the years I’ve been so blessed to host many different shows ranging from overnight (where I would get up at crazy early times) to weekend shows and eventually I branched out into a traffic presenter role. When I began this role I landed a few spots weekdays on a few radio stations but never really achieved my ultimate dream which was to Host or Co-Host my own show Monday to Friday.
Then one day I got a call from Radio Tygerberg, who is one of the biggest Christian Community-based radio stations in Cape Town, and they offered me the position of Co-Host on the morning breakfast show from 6 to 9 am weekdays. I was SO EXCITED! Finally, after all these years and after all the experience I gained I had the chance to showcase my talent and interact with those whom I enjoy and love the most, YOU, the listener.
I joined Radio Tygerberg just as the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown began in South Africa. Because I was classified as an essential services worker, I was able to begin my new role immediately and for this, I am so grateful.
You can listen to me every weekday morning on 104FM or check out the website

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