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Enhancing the skin you're in

Your skin reflects what’s going on inside your body so if you’re feeling drained it will show and yes there might be times you have felt like wearing a black bag over your face to hide from the world. Alternatively, if you’ve had a good training session that beautiful glow will make you feel like a million bucks, you could even take over the universe with those gorgeous breathable pores darling. But let’s face it, we need that extra gentle loving care in this fast paced stressful world of ours. Good skincare does not happen overnight, it takes time, consistency and patience.

I’ve always had very oily skin which I despised. It was the cause of many acne breakouts and pigmentation issues but lately my skin has changed and dryness has become the norm. So I had to re look the condition of my skin and choose products that suit the current state it’s in.

Afriderm Night Cream

After hopping from product to product and almost losing all hope I came across Afriderm, a range aimed at darker shades of skin. Even though I was super excited to try it out I always believe the proof is in the pudding so my first option was the Afriderm night cream. I wanted to see if it gave me the hydration and moisture my skin was seeking and after a few evenings it left my face feeling more plump and ready for each day ahead. Admittedly I was completely in my element trying out this cream and decided to be a little naughty by applying it during the day. My skin however only needed that richness at night and was far too heavy for a day application.

Afriderm Day Cream SPF 20

Realising that I required a little extra during the day I started using the Afriderm Day Cream which has an SPF of 20. I always use sunscreens with an SPF of 50, but in the cooler days where there’s not much sun I find having it in the cream a bonus (and less work for me because I just don’t have time to always be completely prepared while running around with my busy schedule). In summertime though I like to combine my day cream with the sunscreen just to get that added layer of protection which seems to work for me. I enjoyed the lightness of this day cream which never made a fussy build up as some creams do over a few days. I was applying too much in the beginning but I quickly learnt to apply less and still get the coverage I needed.

Afriderm Serum Concentrate

Lastly there was the Afriderm Serum Concentrate. It’s also aimed at repair and care but also gives you that lift you need on days your skin has decided to give you a hard time. It also helps to tighten, firm and prevent fine dry lines and wrinkle formation. I only had the one bottle but felt in order to get the best out of the product I would have to use it on a more long term basis to achieve more effective results.

Afriderm Serum Concentrate

In general I was pleasantly surprised by the range. I first thought my skin was perhaps not dark enough (I have Indian, Egyptian, St. Helena, Mauritian and Dutch routes, quite the combo) but when I started examining the products I noticed it was for all shades of dark and I most certainly do not have a purely fair complexion. My skin changes like the weather in Cape Town.

I also suffer from sensitive and allergy prone skin and not once did I have any problems with any of the products mentioned above. I adore that there is a whole palette of gorgeous goodies to choose from.

This Afriderm range is available at selected Edgars stores, Pharmacies and Clicks but you also have the luxury of shopping online by visiting their site

If you are stuck and don’t know where to start the site is very user friendly and you can navigate with ease to find the right products that suit your skin.

“Invest in your skin, it’s going to represent you for a long time.”