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Be the change

I’ve always believed in maintaining a positive outlook on life, but recently someone said to me that if we have good intent, no matter what may come our way, that good intent will triumph.

Those words have stuck with me for the past few weeks and I'm beginning to realise more and more through my own connections and experiences that choosing to rise above the moment is the best thing you can do for your own well being. You won't only reap the mental benefits but your body will thank you physically too.

So much has happened since the start of this new year. First I joined the amazing team of Mycelium Media Colab. The team boasts an established group of film makers, writers and storytellers namely Stef Swanepoel, Helena Kingwill, Lara Taylor, Jacqueline van Meygaarden, Jemima Spring and Natalie Nolte. We're a network based media collaborative that uses storytelling to inspire a movement towards a healthier world. We also provide income-generating opportunities through our content while creating awareness of regenerative solutions.

My next proudest moment was being chosen as an ambassador for WWFSA (no not the wrestling brand ha ha ha), the World Wild Fund for Nature. They are one of the world’s most recognisable and independent conservation organisations who aim to protect South Africa’s natural heritage which includes plant, animal species and people.

Image by Niche Digital Audio Productions

With all these new beginnings I dedicated my next shoot to my love for the earth. I ended up meeting and working with a fantastic Eco designer, Jilliana. Her garments are sustainable ethical fashion and a textile wear brand and paired perfectly with my theme. The range itself is made from hemp organic cotton and up cycled fabrication and locally produced. I adored this khaki green t-shirt dress, which had beautiful neck weaving detail made from hemp organic cotton.

Also a huge thank you to Anneke of Equivalence for this gorgeous location based at Altydgedacht wine farm in Durbanville. They use equine assisted learning and equine assisted psychotherapy to help individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health disorders using horses as a tool and an effective approach to human development.

More looks will be up shortly on my social media pages so keep an eye out for those and just remember, that if you have a dream, pursue it and keep following your heart.

Love and light

Kia x