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A moment with Deetlef

Image captured by Niche Digital Audio Productions

Over time I’ve enjoyed many different wines with all the flavours and textures they have to offer, I’ve never really been a connoisseur but I have come to understand what my palette prefers.

Now most of us know what it’s like to enjoy hanging out with friends and family and getting into thought provoking and fun conversations over a good glass of wine or two. Quite recently I began experiencing many of my peers chatting about Deetlef wine so I decided to try some out to discover why there is a hype. The best part of this experience was that I could enjoy it with my best friend Jasna

So here’s a little background on how things usually transpire between us, and maybe you have a friend like this too? We leave 20 minute long voice notes (if I could do longer I would but there is a cut off on whats app believe it or not) when messaging each other almost daily and when we do see each other we talk one another’s ears off because, well, we just enjoy chatting a lot. Then before you know it one discussion has flowed into another and when we look at the time a few hours have gone by. Usually at this point we always find we’ve been ignoring whomever is around, much to their annoyance, as we tend to get caught up in our moment.

The best part of our chats though was trying out a few of the wine selections. Admittedly I had to keep an open mind because I’m particularly fussy over what I like, but out of everything we dipped our mouths into I discovered my ultimate favourite was the Deetlef’s Merlot Pinotage, The Stonecross Range. Most of the wines are distinct and gorgeous but this one definitely stood out for me.

I then chose to explore the history of Deetlef as I was very curious, and found out that the journey dates back to 1822. As I continued reading I became drawn into this world of a family that began cultivating many years ago. It starts with a maiden voyage from Europe and this is where the beginning of a legacy was set in motion and fast became the story of the second oldest wine estate in South Africa owned by the same family.

Filled with beautiful attention to detail you can read more on the history on

Image captured by Niche Digital Audio Productions

I always find that drinking the wine is not half as enjoyable as tasting the process and the story that lends to its defined character and taste.

Deetlef’s wine estate has said ‘Good agricultural practices are a combined form of art, science, skill and passion; something we take very serious here at Deetlefs Wine Estate. These practices are the important foundation assisting our winemaker in producing wines of consistently high quality.’

Well, with that in mind you can’t go wrong with a bit of Deetlef’s and really good friends by your side.

Yours in love and light

Kia xx

Images captured by NicheDigitalAudioProductions