Friendship is really something special and when you find a good one you should never let it go.
Jasna and I have known each other for years and for the longest time we spoke about doing a photoshoot together. After many months of just talking we finally gave it a go and when we came to this point we then had to decide which venue to choose. Now, this might sound like an easy process but when you want a certain look and feel you can’t just choose any location. You have to do your research and do it well.
After listing a few places we could potentially utilize we eventually found the perfect location, one which happened to be right on our doorsteps, the gorgeous and beautiful Durbanville Hills.
This lovely location is about 20 minutes away from the Cape Town city center with a stunning view of Table Mountain and Table Bay. Their range of red wines benefit from the warmer valley outskirts and opposing northern slopes and it has the coziest little corners to sit and relax and enjoy quality time with your friends and families, as they have a kiddies play area available too.
We had so much fun on our shoot and managed to get a few beautiful shots while enjoying each other’s company and will definitely be back for more…

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