I was never really a sporty person but I was always involved in some form of exercise since my school days. I enjoyed playing hockey for 2 teams which usually meant twice a week I was training and on a Saturday I would play for about 50 minutes for one team and 50 minutes for the other.
Usually, I would feel my face turning pink after a while with the sweat dripping down from working out so much, but it was a great feeling after. Years later I still enjoy exercising and I find myself in the gym 3 to 5 times a week, schedule permitting of course.
Even though I wasn’t a full-on intense sports persona I always found the physical benefits of exercising to be wonderful, not only for the body but mind and soul too. Lucky for me my family has a long history of either those who have achieved Western Province colors in athletics or long jump and a few other sports categories.
Unfortunately for me I always had my ‘stokkie beentjies’ (stick legs) which meant I never really had those thundering explosive calves the rest of my family got to enjoy.
So it’s no surprise when I came across this gem in the middle of Blue Downs in the Western Cape, Xpressions Wellness Centre, as I am always in search of entrepreneurial businesses where attention to detail is a priority. Owned by Freddy Jacobs and Lavona Boer this wellness center is anything but ordinary. They’re a powerhouse team that believes in taking care of their customer’s needs providing various training sessions inclusive of a fully equipped facility with a host of specialized gym equipment to keep you as fit as a fiddle on any day. Their welcoming smiles at reception and friendly service are warm enough to make anyone go back for more.
So I asked Freddy if I could take a few pics at his facility as I wanted to explore a different type of photoshoot as opposed to the usual high-end glam ones I do and the end result was amazing!
I felt right at home being in a space that I love and I got to give those FIERCE powerful looks you always see people in sports pics do. I would gladly go there again and if you are a fitness fanatic like me or aspiring to be one, you can find Xpressions Wellness Centre at Shop 7/8 Bluedowns Way, Bluedowns by the Caltex Garage and get your groove on and support our local businesses too.

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