Activating my curly hair was never this easy

Facebook Twitter Instagram An ode to my curly hair She is me and I am her, We are one and we are together, My curl and I forever will be, In love, in embrace and in harmony. Muk/Veaudry As mixed as my ancestral roots are so are my curls. They have bared the brunt of […]

Finding New Gems

Facebook Twitter Instagram Xpressions Wellness Centre In the heart of Blue Downs, a business driven by pure passion for fitness and hard work for the local community. I was never really a sporty person but I was always involved in some form of exercise since my school days. I enjoyed playing hockey for 2 teams […]

On your TV Screens!

Facebook Twitter Instagram 50|50 is an environmental television show whose main aim is to highlight the balance between humans and nature, and aiding in making wildlife, conservation and the environment top of mind for many a South African.With three decades of informative and groundbreaking storytelling, 50|50 has exposed and entrenched the balance of Humans and […]

Healing Grace

Facebook Twitter Instagram Our products are created from natural ingredients and we don’t use any fragrances in our products.  Every “fragrance” in our products are created by using essential oils only with fantastic benefits for mind, body and soul.  Healing Grace is a brand that was born from the need to create a range of […]