WWF works to look after our natural resources — oceans, land and wildlife — so we can continue to benefit from food, water and a healthy climate. We are working towards creating healthy oceans which support abundant biodiversity, sustainable livelihoods and a thriving economy. WWF works to reconnect people to our most valuable and vulnerable landscapes, namely the Grasslands, Succulent Karoo and Fynbos. We also assist with expanding protected areas for the benefit of people and the environment.

WWF / South Africa

You remember those moments as a kid where you would get lost in your imagination and create a world where just about anything goes? Well that was my childhood too and more so when there were animals around.

Never in a million years did I ever think we would be facing a climate crisis situation right now. I had always believed things would be fine, because it’s nature right? Why would anyone want to harm nature? But the reality is we are facing such a serious threat to the very cornerstone of our existence as we are completely out of balance with the earth in every way, shape and form.So even though years later I got involved in the media industry this feeling of intense love for the environment remained. So when I got the news that WWFSA – The World Wide Fund for Nature, had offered me the role of Ambassador I was ecstatic!

Joining the environmental frontier

This title is one I take quite seriously and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the near future to come and where I can lend a hand and create a planet in which we all can thrive.

Keep an eye on my blog and social media to find out what I’m up to with all things nature.

You can visit their website www.wwf.org.za to find out more and explore the history and what WWF South Africa believe in and stand for and how they give back to Mother Nature.

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