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Hi everyone, happy new year! I hope that you are all safe and well?

This has been a very tough and trying past year and going into the new year we were once again brought to our knees with the second wave of the pandemic. But with every human experience, comes the opportunity to change things, and this I feel should be our attitude moving forward.

So I decided to step into 2021 with the vision of ‘This year I’m going to have fun!’ And what better way to do this than to go straight into a stunning photoshoot and get back that ‘spunk’ I was looking for (aaahh there’s nothing like a bit of dress up to lift your mood).

My designer of choice was born and bred Capetonian, Geraldine Webber, of ‘Gerries Designs.’  She customized each outfit with such ease and care and when I put them on, it fit like a glove.

Born in Athlone this woman is the ultimate proof of that saying  ‘dynamite comes in small packages’. Geraldine is a petite beauty and a force to be reckoned with, something she displayed from a young age when she began designing barbie doll clothing and selling it to her friends who had dolls! (entrepreneur of note I’m telling you). Her mom eventually bought her a toy sewing machine to use instead of sowing it by hand.

Geraldine has a passion for creating garments that makes a woman feel beautiful, she says ‘It puts a smile on my face when the client is happy.’ Having quite the extensive background in the fashion industry she was also seamstress to ‘Jenni Button.’ Geraldine also designs for her daughter (who is the light of her life) and currently in the modelling industry. She says she constantly has to ‘think out of the box’ when designing clothing for her which provides such  an exciting challenge.


Geraldine loves elegant fitted evening dresses and thinks that no lady can go wrong with a black snazzy dress in their cupboard. So what lies ahead? Well, the sky is the limit as she plans to open her own ‘Gerries Design Boutique ’and will launch her business in the near future. Through her boutique she will further create elegant affordable garments for all shapes and sizes. She says she feels so blessed with this talent that God has given her.

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