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50|50 is an environmental television show whose main aim is to highlight the balance between humans and nature, and aiding in making wildlife, conservation and the environment top of mind for many a South African.
With three decades of informative and groundbreaking storytelling, 50|50 has exposed and entrenched the balance of Humans and the environment into South African hearts as well as homes. In our journey we have managed to give viewers insight and tagged them along in our adventures where they have a bird’s eye view of exceptional wildlife stories, conservation efforts and environmental issues . Educating and imploring our viewers to demand more as they seek to be environmentally conscious and keep abreast with news that relate to our resources, animals and nature. The very essence and meaning of our slogan – ‘Because we need to know’. We will be bringing viewers a fresh take on stories, that are engaging and will feed on their curiosity.
We are very excited to present our new look and feel to our loyal audience. Most importantly, we are happy to introduce our new timeslot and home being SABC 2!

What wonderful and interesting words, and if you really think about it, there is so much truth in that. Luckily for some of us, we don’t forget these beautiful things that nature has shown us when we were kids, and for me, my awe and love for the earth has remained in my life always.

In one of my previous blogs, I spoke to you about my newly appointed Radio Presenter role and one thing I hadn’t mentioned is that on the same day I received the amazing news that i got the radio position, about an hour and a half later on exactly the same day, I got a call from the environmental show 50/50 and was told that the audition I had done for the SABC about 8 months prior to the call, had been approved and that I had gotten the job as the official Anchor Presenter for this TV show, which has been on our screens for over 30 years.

We have reached an actual Climate Crisis, so to get this role and be able to educate and highlight the various plights that our environment is facing is a dream come true.

So follow me on this nature journey every Monday on SABC2 at 7 pm as well as follow the 5050 YouTube community channel for the latest episodes which get featured for a few days after broadcast.

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