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Our products are created from natural ingredients and we don’t use any fragrances in our products.  Every “fragrance” in our products are created by using essential oils only with fantastic benefits for mind, body and soul.  Healing Grace is a brand that was born from the need to create a range of products that will expose our customers to the amazing benefits of herbs.  We want to share our love and appreciation of God’s healing herbs with the world while creating an environment where you can build your own business by marketing these amazing products from the comfort of your home while still being present in your very important role in your family.  We would like to play a role in empowering you to become financially independent without sacrificing time with your families.

I always feel that when a product is created, especially one designed for your skin, that it’s always important to do that with a bit of extra care which is exactly what Donna Bothma, founder of Healing Grace, has done.

She says her mission is to bring anointing oils back into our daily routine. The range consists of a wide variety of products and my pack contained a luxury face soap, anti-ageing serum, anti-ageing oil, luxury bath oil and hair oil. My favourite item was the anti-ageing serum. It was so light and smooth on my skin that I was able to wear it not only at night but during the day as well. I used to have a very oily skin but recently my skin has become quite dry which is why I am loving how this serum feels and why I feel it is perfect for me.

Donna started Healing Grace in 2020. Her own personal journey brought her to a junction in her own life where she knew this is the path she was meant to follow. After her sister passed away from brain cancer years ago, she says she turned her back on God for a moment but right now, in the present, she has been on a healing journey and back with Him for a long time.

For years she’s been making lotions, soap, skin care and ointments in her kitchen as well as using herbs from her own garden inclusive of essential oils. She believes in the healing properties of the plants God gave us. Something which is dear to my heart as I believe that we should grow our own plants and become more sustainable in our own lives.

Besides the products I’ve mentioned so far she also has luxury body butter candles, anointing oils, a victory leather diffuser bracelet with scripture and many other wonderful items that you can choose from.

Donna also believes in empowering, so if you need to earn an additional income and build your own business contact her and become a Healing Grace Warrior.

Healing Grace has been made with attention to detail and the utmost love and care. Here is her mission below:

Our mission is to emphasis the benefits of natural oils, especially the biblical anointing oils and to remind people that God blessed us with natural products with such amazing benefits.”

You can also follow them on Facebook @HGSouthAfrica or Instagram @healinggracesa or checkout their website www.healinggrace.co.za for more.

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