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Sapmok is an all adventure brand with a unique product offering of hand-crafted shoes and products tailored to give an authentic feel and real life experience.

Every shoe they make is handcrafted by our skilled (funny) cobblers, and can be witnessed at Sapmok HQ. They cut, measure and stitch everything from scratch, creating a shoe from nothing.

They can make a shoe from a clients shirt if they have the demand. They use the best quality materials they can lay there hands on, especially there leather. Only using the best leather from the best (most ethical) tanneries in South Africa. They are constantly trying to find the most durable, good looking and self-healing leather on the market. This process is always high on there priority list.

Shoes / Handmade

As an adventure brand Sapmok create a variety of hand-crafted items such as boots, shoes, bags, belts, slippers and flip flops. So for me, being the down to earth kind of gal I am, I absolutely enjoy their shoe range which I would describe as comfortable and very easy to wear.

Sapmok have some of the best cobblers in the country and with all the creativity that flows in the factory, they can customise and create your perfect shoe and the best part is they cater not only for adults but kids as well.

They cut, measure and stitch everything from scratch which are crafted by their cobblers and use only the best quality materials inclusive of their leather, which is sourced from the best (and most ethical) tanneries in South Africa.

Created By/Sapmok

The brand was created by Werner Winterboer in 2015. He was born and raised in Pretoria and after studying BComm Logistics in Stellenbosch he pursued his dream to start his own Modern Africa Adventure brand. The name Sapmok comes from the word Kompas (compass in Afrikaans) written backwards. Growing up Werner and his friends used to enjoy writing everything backwards so this is how he came up with the brand name.

What I’ve enjoyed most about wearing my own Sapmok’s is that besides it being comfortable the stunning pops of colour makes each outfit so much fun to wear.

The headquarters are located in Pretoria and as a client you are welcome to visit them and choose the best Sapmok to suit you.

They are a start-up company and working towards being more sustainable and even have a vegan series as well. Your continued support enables them to be able to thrive as a business so give them a follow on Facebook @Sapmok or Instagram @sapmok or checkout their website www.sapmok.com

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