Activating my curly hair was never this easy

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An ode to my curly hair

She is me and I am her, We are one and we are together, My curl and I forever will be, In love, in embrace and in harmony.


As mixed as my ancestral roots are so are my curls. They have bared the brunt of severe scrutiny throughout the years, are historically and culturally linked, have a mind of their own and definitely do not listen to me. My locks and I have entered into many long and serious discussions where I have asked them repeatedly to ‘stay put’ but anyone with curly hair will tell you this is a challenge and a daily battle that you will always endure as the curl is her own person.

I am grateful the world has changed the way it views curly hair and that society has become more accepting of the bushy haired girl. Living in an era where I can now embrace rather than hide the bounty of my locks is certainly a blessing that I won’t take for granted, but it is one that took years in the making.

My hair expression has become a form of self-expression and it feels wonderful to let my natural curl just be and to watch her cascade or struggle on my head finding a place to settle. She has now become an important part of my identity – she is me and I am her.

If this is the first time you are learning about curly hair or if you need a refresher remember:


  • Curly hair is way drier and as a result of that breaks more easily. The twists in someone’s curly hair makes the strands more prone to breaking.
  • The scalp of a person with curly hair isn’t as oily (has less sebaceous glands) as a person with straight hair which means if you have curly hair you don’t need to shampoo as often (I usually wash mine once a week).
  • Managing curly hair is best done when it’s wet and when you apply a hydrating curl cream or a leave-in-conditioner that will help with the dryness and also help to command your curls.
  • Tightly curled hair actually better protects the scalp from solar radiation because it doesn’t lie flat against the skin.
  • Curly hair does not grow evenly as the way that the cells divide and produce certain proteins is asymmetrical and that then correlates with the bends in the curved follicle.

And as those follicles bent I have begun my romance with my curly hair reaching a place of unconditional love and respect. I have a support system that keeps the message going and use only products that enhance what I already have, not products that try and ‘change’ my beauty.

When in the mood for a tighter coiled curl I make sure after washing my hair to use the Veaudry Detangle Brush. Why a detangle brush? Well if you have curly hair your tangles can become messy, complicated and very difficult to break apart so this brush does the trick by separating my hair strands without causing severe breakage. Next I grab my Kinky muk Leave In Moisturiser, apply it and create tiny hair coils around my fingers. Then if I need a larger than life look I use Kinky Muk Curl Amplifier that enhances, hydrates and is humidity resistant. I then grab my Veaudry myDryer, stick on my diffuser and dry it without losing my curl.

Best of all these products are vegan and cruelty-free so no soul has had to suffer in order for me to use these products.

I have never been one to submit to fashion trends but I sure am glad the curly trend is here. If anything this has opened up my eyes to love and appreciate what I have. Thank goodness that day has arrived.

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