In a world where connecting is at the core of who we are, Belinda Venter and Waldo Oosthuizen decided to team up and launch Belhauzen, a local and sustainable clothing brand who decided it’s time for a new season in the fashion industry.

Belhauzen launched on the 1 August 2021 and these two founders are a powerhouse of note. Belinda studied fashion while Waldo studied business. One night they realised that putting their skills together would be a great way to begin creating something a little different. It was in this moment they decided they wanted to change and enhance fashion by designing a luxury brand that is sustainable and friendly to the environment.

Belinda believes in what she does, she has meticulously designed many a creation through her own seamstress skills. She says there is so much hard work and effort that goes into making a garment.

Belhauzen as a brand believes in fair-trade, minimal wastage and naturally environmentally friendly fabrics and recycled fibre. Their aim is to expand their small factory to create more jobs while also considering the planet, taking into consideration the way in which garments are created.

Crafted by a small team of skilled artisans, that give extra attention to detail with each garment, they only source natural fabrics from local suppliers and thereafter create a custom BELHAUZEN touch to it using natural dyes which makes garments more unique and luxurious.


Their cosy little studio in the heart of Cape Town saves on fabric wastage by only designing a ‘made to order’ base so that they don’t end up with wasted garments and fabrics that are not selling. 

Simplicity that is comfortable, sophisticated and classy is the essence of what BELHAUZEN style is about. Their garments are timeless and have the ability to transition from casual to elegant and stylish evenings out.

Belinda and Waldo have a vision and mission to disrupt the fashion industry by creating awareness and shifting the way employees are treated as well as being mindful of the impact on the environment.

With an attitude like this I see this fashion house making great strides in the industry.

Keep up with the latest on Belhauzen by visiting them on Facebook @Belhauzen or Instagram @belhauzen or via their website


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